Över en halv miljon besökare


Över en halv miljon besökare till Alltech World Equestrian Games och Kentucky Horse Park meddelerar arrangören.

By the closing day of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, total attendance topped half a million.

Sunday’s attendance came in at 38,682, bringing the total for the event to 507,022. 

“We are incredibly pleased with the number of spectators who have joined us at the Games over these 16 days,” said World Games 2010 Foundation CEO Jamie Link. “We are overwhelmed with the positive comments and remarks we have received about their experiences on the park, viewing competition, and with our volunteers.  By their measure, these Games have been a great success.”

Daily attendance totals avereaged from 25,000 to 35,000 throughout the event.    The biggest days on the park occurred on October 1, when 46,496 attendees packed the park on a day that concluded in a fantastic Dressage Freestyle competition under the lights of Rolex Stadium; as well as October 2, when Eventing Cross Country brought 50,818 attendees to the grounds.

Attendance was bolstered by several sold-out rounds of competition, including reining, vaulting, and dressage and para-dressage sessions. 

Attendance figures include media, athletes, and volunteers who entered the grounds daily, in addition to tickets spectators and children under the age of 12 who did not require a ticket for entry on most days of competition.



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